Why Custom Development is the Best Choice for Turning Raw Data into Actionable Insights

At Parka Software, we specialize in custom development to handle complex data sources and transform them into user-friendly web interfaces. For example, in our organ transplant work, we collaborate with statisticians who create CSV files, which we use to build data sources for data visualizations. However, you might be wondering why we advocate for custom solutions instead of relying on big companies like Microsoft BI. The answer is simple: there are nuances in every companies data and when it comes to turning raw data into actionable insights, you need a customized approach that combines expertise, creativity, and flexibility. This is especially important if you do not have a dedicated development team in house.

One of the main advantages of custom development is cost-effectiveness. While big companies offer pre-packaged software, they come with a steep price tag that can quickly add up, especially if you have many users. With a custom solution, we can design a product that is tailored to your specific needs, works with your unique situations and ends up saving you money in the long run.

Another benefit of going the custom route is the ability to handle siloed data. When you have multiple types of data that need to be sorted and organized in a way that makes sense for your users, generic solutions don’t always make this an easy task. We can create workflows and applications that are customized to specific data to make sure that the users only see their data and not data their should not see, eliminating the frustration of trying to fit square data into round BI holes.

Finally, this method ensures that your data is properly processed and analyzed. Although data parsing and cleaning may not be the most glamorous tasks, they are crucial to ensuring that your insights are accurate and relevant. With custom development, we can create a system that is clean, efficient, and user-friendly, allowing your users to get the insights they need without getting lost in a sea of numbers and charts.

So, in the end custom development is the can be a great option for turning nuanced raw data into actionable insights. It offers personalized solutions that are cost-effective, flexible, and accurate, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your data. So, if you’re ready to take your data to the next level, let us help you turn it into something beautiful and useful.

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