From Raw Data to Actionable Knowledge: The Role of Custom Data Visualizations in Research

In our work with research organizations we’ve helped them collect vast amounts of data. From a high level the data itself doesn’t offer a very good look into the work the organization is doing. The real value is when we transform that raw data into actionable knowledge. What’s actionable knowledge, its sounds like a buzzword. In a way it is, but at the heart of every buzzword there is some real meaning. At Parka Software Co., we recognize that taking that raw data and creating custom data visualizations around it can play a crucial role in an organization understanding their data. With that understanding an organization is empowered to unlock the potential of their data, extract valuable insights, and drive meaningful outcomes.

All this raw data can comes from a variety of data sources and is often not in the format that is required to make decisions. The data is complex and overwhelming, making it challenging to extract real meaning. If you can take this raw data and transform it into something like a custom data visualizations you’ll be able to provide a clear and intuitive representation of data, enabling researchers to comprehend their data more effectively – therefore enabling decision makers to make informed decisions. By presenting data through charts, graphs, and interactive dashboards, we facilitate a deeper understanding of complex data sets, leading to more accurate and informed decision-making.

One of the primary goals of data analysis in research is to identify patterns and trends. By visually representing data in charts and graphs, researchers can identify patterns that is difficult to in raw data alone. These visual cues empower researchers to make connections, identify correlations, and generate hypotheses, ultimately driving progress in their research endeavors.

PDFs and spreadsheets are good for looking at the numbers, but they’re pretty limiting when it comes to interacting with the data. There’s no toggle switch in a PDF document to turn on/off certain metrics or drill down to see the finer details of a data set. The type of websites that we build offer interactive capabilities, allowing researchers to dive deep into their data and funnel down into the details. Through filtering, comparisons, drilling down, and exploring different dimensions of data, researchers can uncover granular details, compare variables, and make data-driven decisions with precision.

Being able to effectively communicate ideas and findings is crucial for collaboration and knowledge sharing – something that we see a lot of in with our research clients. Our data visualizations serve as powerful communication tools, enabling researchers to convey complex information in a digestible and engaging format. Having a website with easy to user and understand visualizations, makes it easier for researchers to share their findings, present results, and communicate the impact of their research to a broader audience, fostering collaboration and driving the dissemination of knowledge.

Custom data visualizations are a large part of what we do and they’ve become a real game-changer for research organizations by transforming raw data into actionable knowledge. By giving researchers the ability to more easily spot patterns and trends, share, enabling interactive capabilities and facilitating effective communication, custom data visualizations are empowering researchers to extract valuable insights and drive meaningful outcomes.

Partner with Parka Software Co. and we’ll help you unlock the true power of your data.

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