JetTip Mobile App

Client: JetTip
App Store: Apple / Google

JetTip’s journey to enhance the experience of aviation enthusiasts took a giant leap with the development of the mobile app for iOS and Android. Transitioning from a web-based system that primarily relied on text message alerts, the JetTip app has been meticulously crafted to offer a more efficient, user-friendly, and detailed alert system through push notifications. This shift not only eliminated the need for text message service fees but also empowers users with greater customization options.

With the app, users can manage notifications for individual airports or set preferences for all or none, directly through the app. The development process focused on creating a seamless transition for existing users while attracting new subscribers. Users can conveniently sign up for a subscription using Apple or Google’s built-in payment management systems. Existing users can effortlessly convert their text message alert preferences to app push notifications. One of the app’s standout features is its ultra-responsive, filterable arrival/departure boards. These boards provide real-time information at a remarkable speed, significantly outperforming the previous text message system. The app’s notifications are not only faster but also include more detailed information.

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