Artful Living Magazine

Client: Artful Living

We’re proud to have worked with Artful Living Magazine, one of the top independent boutique lifestyle magazines in the United States. Artful Living is an award-winning quarterly magazine that features engaging original content and beautiful design. The lifestyle brand is headquartered in Minneapolis, Artful Living aims to inspire and entertain an affluent audience with impeccable taste, highlighting culture, home, style, travel, food, profiles, and more. Our team worked closely with Artful Living to understand their brand and ensure that the website we created aligned with their values and aesthetic.

With such a strong brand, it was essential to incorporate Artful Living’s aesthetic into the website. We worked closely with their team to ensure that the website’s design and user experience aligned with the magazine’s brand identity, creating a seamless experience for readers and customers.

Our team developed a cloud-based architecture that could dynamically scale up or down based on demand, ensuring that the website remained responsive and available to users. With over 2 million hits a month, this was critical to ensuring a positive user experience.

Artful Living’s e-commerce component is critical to their business, and our team implemented robust features to support this functionality. From managing inventory and processing transactions to shipping and fulfillment, we worked closely with their team to ensure that the e-commerce component was seamless and user-friendly.

Creating a high-traffic e-commerce site that aligned with Artful Living’s brand and mission was a challenging but rewarding project for us. With the focus on incorporating Artful Living’s aesthetic into the website, developing a scalable infrastructure, and creating a robust e-commerce platform, we’re proud to have helped Artful Living create a website that supports their business and delights their readers.

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